Hopefully we can answer most of your questions below but if you have at other questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How Many Dates WIll I Get

We continue to work with each client for either one year or six months. During this time you can expect to have up to two dates per month with a minimum of one date a month (your schedule allowing).

What Happens When I Get A Third Date?

You’ve got to the third date, great! If things are going well we will pause on finding you new dates while you see where this relationships goes. At any point should you decide you want to pursue other options we will resume the search in finding you your ideal match.

Can I put My Membership On Pause?

Should something unexpected happen such as illness, relocation or works becomes demanding and you would like to hold off on dating for a while then yes we are happy to put your membership on hold until you would like to recommence.

Do I Have To Have Coaching And Styling?

We look at each member as an individual and tailor a package that suits your needs.  If we believe you NEED coaching and/or styling for us to successfully get you to the third date we will inform you before taking you on as a client so you can make the decision before joining.

What If I Find My Own Date?

Fantastic! We encourage each members to be proactive in their dating search along side the ladies we present.  We are here to help support you on dates you organise from picking the best place to go to communication post date.

What If I Don't Like The Lady You Find For Me?

That’s fine, you have the right to refuse any date we offer. Additionally our money back guarantee is valid for up to three first date refusals.

Where Do You Find The Ladies You Introduce To Me?

We organise regular events and as such have a vast network of attractive, intelligent, singles ladies looking for men just like you. We also scour female friendly places such as salons, fashion shows and the gym looking for fantastic women to join our network.

How Does The Money Back Guarentee Work?

If at the end of your membership we have failed to successfully seen you into a relationship that lasted at least to three dates we will give you a full refund.  All we ask that you have followed our guidance and been available for dates.

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